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17 Amazing Ways to Be in A Good Mood

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17 Amazing Ways to Be in A Good Mood

17 Amazing Ways to Be in A Good Mood

The pacing life and taxing work have made the world a grumpy place. I mean, look out in the street. Everyone looks stressed. How many are smiling? It’s all tired bodies and gloomy faces loitering aimlessly buried in their phone.

Life in the modern era is onerous!

But happiness lies right there for those who know where to look.

So, here we have assembled 17 ways that can take you to a good mood any day!

17 Ways to be in a good mood

1. Yoga

Want a quick fix for a sluggish day mid-way? Try Yoga. Yoga is more than flexing and

stretching your body. Yoga means balancing the mind and the body.

Yoga has mood-enhancing benefits. It destresses your body, calm your mind and makes your feel refreshed. You rejuvenate your mind and sets your soul free!

It is definitely worth a try.

2. Pranayama

Pranayama are simple breathing exercises. They are proven to be the best quick fix for anxiety and depression. Long deep breath into the system enhances the mood and makes you feel better.

Pranayama has ample of other benefits too!

From heart health to good sleep the list goes on.

3. Meditation

17 Amazing Ways to Be in A Good Mood 1

Meditating for a few minutes sets the mind clear. It evaporates all the worries and stress while restoring your energies.

Have a sacred space everywhere so that you can zone out for a few minutes of meditation. Be it in the office parking or the house garden. Have that space of your own!

Try meditation. It’s not that tough.

4. Cooking

It’s always great to eat good food.

Plus, cooking can be real fun.

Cooking is kind of therapeutic. So, flip through the cookbooks or browse an easy recipe. Don the chef’s hat and savour the delicious hand-made dish

5. Feed someone

Real happiness is just a reflection of your smile on someone else’s face.

So, when you are feeling a little low, reach out to someone who needs you to survive through a tough day!

Help someone with all your heart. Feed the poor with food and the ignorant with enlightenment.

Help the strays. Feed the birds. Take a stand for the weak.

6. Listen to good music

Food feeds the body while music feeds the soul.

Music is a proven mood enhancer. It is the best escape from boring traffic and mundane chores.

Powerful Music can make the body move while soulful music can move the mind. So, turn on the music and hymn along the beats to feel better.

7. Quality time with your parents

17 Amazing Ways to Be in A Good Mood

Time spent with closed ones is always time well-spent.

Spend quality time with your parents. Because that’s when you are creating memories to treasure for life!

Plus, research shows that talking to your mother even on the phone releases oxytocin. A hormone is responsible for relieving stress. It has the same effect as that of a hug!

8. Talk to a long-time friend

A close friend is someone who always cheers us up in our saddest moments. A friend is someone with whom share most thing then we do with our parents.

So, talk to an old friend over the phone. Catch up on life. Share your thoughts. Remember the good old days. Cherish the memories. Laugh like crazy. And make plans for reunion.

Thinking about all these already makes you feel better. Doesn’t it?

9. Create or Compose

Got that artistic mind?

An artist can never get bored. Because he has the rare capability of knitting a new world in his mind.

So, if the present reality is sucking up your energy then don’t mind zoning out! Like you always did in your boring lectures.

Cook up an interesting story or create a piece of art with your brush. Think about dance moves that makes your body move like a swan or the music that can pierce through hearts.

Whatever your creative gift is. Make sure to put it into work!

10. Learn something new

You are never too old to learn new things.

You should never give up on learning. Be it coding or dancing. Always keep learning.

No matter what other’s say. You deserve to give it a try. Learn some instrument or learn to sing. Take up the dancing lessons or pick up the paint brush. Take up a professional course.

Learn anything that interests you. But learn every day!

11. Be a child with your own child

If you are married and have a child then your happiness lies right there.

Take out some time from your busy day and make it magical with your child’s giggles.

Read the kid a nursery rhyme or play with them like a child yourself. Help them out with their studies or motivate them to dream.

Being there for your little one brings a sense of satisfaction that you cant find anywhere else.

12. Click, Click, Click

Show off some photography skills.

It doesn’t matter if you have a rusty old camera phone or HD camera, just start by taking some best snap-shots from your day-to-day life and create memories.

Try clicking every day. And you will see some improvement in your clicks over the time.

It is also a great way to connect with creative people who can give you pro tips on clicking amazing captures.

13. Sleep

17 Amazing Ways to Be in A Good Mood

Late night works and having disturbed pattern of sleep can give rise to many problems.

From obesity to insomnia, diabetes to cancer! Not to forget that sleeplessness is a beauty stealer.

Sleep is also the secret behind good mood and ceaseless energy!

So, make sure to have a sacred sleep routine. Fix a disciplined bed time. Set the room and doze of to your dreamland.

If you want an escape in the middle of the day then go for a cat nap or a coffee nap!

14. Spa

A great deep tissue massage is a good plan any day!

It relaxes your mind and rejuvenates your body. It churns out the pain and relieves that stress ache.

Massaging your body is a natural remedy for a lot of things. From indigestion to arthritis, massage is the answer.

Pamper yourself with a spa session for a blissful week!!

15. Sex

Isn’t this a list of things to do to enhance your mood?

Then how can sex be not on this list? It is scientifically proven that sex can rush your happy hormones and make you feel good even on a dull day!

So, no matter how tired you are it’s worth getting some action.

16. The 20 second Hug

Make your dull day dazzle with a 20 second hug.

Hugs have ample of health benefits. And enhancing your mood is just one of them.

Hugs can also boost immunity, bust stress, reduce depression and increase your self-esteem.

So, make sure you hug your loved ones!

17. Bath

Surprising! But it’s a fact.

Bathing not just refreshes your body. It can also light up your mood. Especially if you are slogging through a dull day!

Many people even get their creative ideas while bathing! Remember the Eureka story.

So, if you are looking to get out of the zombie zone then take a bath first.

17 Ways to be in a good mood!

That’s 17 super simple ways to turn your guffy mood good! All of these are research backed and proven ways to uplift your mood.

Try them out and tell us which one you liked best!

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