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Happiness and health are intertwined. Checkout these 3 ways how happiness help you beat coronavirus

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Happiness and health are intertwined. Checkout these 3 ways how happiness help you beat coronavirus

Happiness and health are intertwined.

Life is nothing but the pursuit of happiness!

Every path that we make, every route that we take leads to one ultimate goal – happiness!

And now there is one more reason why happiness should be your everyday goal.

Researchers say that happiness and health are intertwined.

Happiness leads to better health. And being healthy makes you happy.

There are many theories that prove this claim. But can happiness help you beat coronavirus?

But before that let’s understand how happiness benefits your health.

Happiness and health are intertwined: Health Benefits of Happiness

Apart from making everything glee, happiness imparts many health benefits.

Let’s check the benefits of happiness and understand how happiness and health are intertwined.

6 Health Benefits of Happiness

1. Happiness improves the immune system.

Research shows that happiness has health benefits on the immune system. The feeling of happiness reduces the risk of cold, cough, infections and flu.

Studies also point that people who are not happy are three times more vulnerable!

2. Happiness shoos away the stress

Happiness is the best antidote for stress. Just playing with a child or your pet can take the load off your chest.

Further, happiness helps in controlling the cortisol levels. It is the hormone responsible for the negative effects of stress. Increased levels of Cortisol results in disturbed sleep, weight gain, type 2 diabetes, and high blood pressure.

3. Happiness heals the heart

One of the best shields to protect the heart is happiness. A study revealed that happiness can lower the risk of heart disease by 13–26%.

The feeling of happiness helps in reducing blood pressure. It decreases the risk of heart disease. 

Another study also quoted that happiness may reduce the risk of stroke by 26%.

4. Be happy to live long

Happiness and health are intertwined. Checkout these 3 ways how happiness help you beat coronavirus 1

A 30-year old study revealed that happiness and contentment improve life expectancy. The same study also quoted that the risk of death spikes by 14% in people who are unhappy.

Researchers also quoted that positive well-being reduces death risk by 18% in healthy people. The same study also revealed that it can reduce the death risk by 2% in people with pre-existing diseases.

5. Happiness helps in healing pain

Many clinical studies have confirmed that happiness helps in healing pain.         

Positive well-being helps in reducing stiffness and pain. It helps to cope with chronic pain like arthritis and osteoporosis. It also helps in speedy recovery from injury and surgery.

6. Happiness to combat cancer

Well, happiness is not directly linked to the prevention of cancer.

But it curbs several risk factors that can cause cancer.

There is enough evidence that suggests happiness helps in battling depression, anxiety, and stress.

While stress is a direct causative of cancer. Depression and anxiety can lead to sleeplessness which is again a related factor.

Further, happiness helps in boosting immunity and decreasing inflammation. Both of which are potent weapons against cancer.

7. Happiness encourages healthy living

Discontentment and depression may lead to unhealthy bingeing. Be it sitting sluggishly on the couch or eating that whole can of ice cream.

Being in a state of happiness and peace diverts the mind to practice healthy living.

Happy people often go out for a walk or hit the gym. They are more likely to make healthier choices.

Thus, happiness makes you fit and healthy.

8. Happiness makes recovery swift.

Happiness promotes quick recovery from serious conditions. It has a positive effect on healing from spinal cord injury, coronary artery disease, and heart failure.

The benefits of happiness abound. But can it help you win the fight against coronavirus?

Can being happy help you beat coronavirus?

Coronavirus is a newly encountered virus that can cause severe respiratory complications. It can cause mild to severe symptoms that may even lead to death.

Its outbreak in 2020 is claiming lives across the globe.

Even the WHO has declared coronavirus as a Pandemic. This means it’s a Public Health Emergency of International Concern.

The major crisis of coronavirus is that there are no preventives or cure for this virus yet!

It can spread rapidly. It can infect anyone. It is a major threat to the elderly and children.

But there are certain things that can help prevent and recover from coronavirus naturally.

And being happy is one of them.

5 Reasons why being happy is crucial in the time of corona:

1. Happiness boosts immunity that beats coronavirus

One of the biggest weapons against coronavirus is immunity! If the body’s defense mechanism is strong, then it can beat the virus.  And as discussed happiness plays a role in building your immunity. It protects the body from flu, cold and cough!

2. Happiness helps you survive isolation

The outbreak of coronavirus has put the entire nation on isolation. Reports of quarantines patients highlighted that 29% of quarantined people suffered from PTSD. Further, 31% showed severe symptoms of depression.

As such happiness is one tool that can help you sail through. The anxiety, confusion, and stress about the situation can be overwhelming. So, refocusing your mind into something positive can help you survive isolation without going insane.

3. Happiness holds you together

Happiness and health are intertwined

With most offices giving work from home and shops getting shut, people are spending more time together.

Being unhappy, stressed or depressed can create a hostile situation at home. The resentment in your relationship may surface and it can lead to arguments and abuses. Making isolation more difficult for you.

Being in a state of contentment will help you deal with any situation!

If your relation is already strained, try meditation, reconciliation, and yoga.

How to be happy in this helpless situation of coronavirus?

Coronavirus has clouded the entire globe. As such, you might need to try a little hard to find happiness.

But you know what, happiness is within not without.

That means it’s all about your mental state. It has nothing to do with the outside world.

So, indulge in yourself to create a haven of happiness in your mind.

Here are a few things you can do to cope with isolation happily:

1. Grab a book

A good book is man’s best friend. It motivates you, moves you, teaches you and makes you wise.

2. Learn to cook

With all the restaurants and hotels shut, and you have ample time at hand makes it the perfect time to learn cooking.

3. Clear the clutter

Remember, you said you will clean the house when you get time. Well, now you have all the time you need!

4. Blog or vlog

Write a blog or create a vlog. You don’t need to step out for this.

5. Self-pamper

Manicure, pedicure, face packs and mud packs. Go for it. Sleep a little more. Dance to your own tune. And do everything you missed doing!

6. Meditate

Meditation is the shield that will protect your mental health. Even Harvard University recommended this!

Happiness and health are intertwined

7. Work-out

It’s ok if the gyms are closed! Do your lunges and squats. Push-ups and planks. You can also do burpees and bench presses.

8. Yoga

Yoga will help boost your immunity. It will keep you calm and balanced. Start with stretching and then just go for it. Push your limits a little each day!

9. Pranayama

Breathing exercise or pranayama are proven to be effective tools against anxiety and stress. So, next time you watch the news, follow it with some pranayama.

10. Re-Connect

Happiness and health are intertwined

Call up your old friends and distant relatives. Use this time to catch-up and reconnect. But remember to stay away from negative people as they will make everything seem dark and gloomy.

11. Fix your relationship            

We have this habit of putting the issues under the blanket. It’s time to remove that and address the issues.

Talk it out, discuss, apologize and give your relation a new start.

Conclusion: Yes, Happiness and Health are intertwined!

Happiness and health are intertwined

Happiness is a state of mind. You are just one step away from that state. So, close your eyes and find your happy space!

It will bring you abundance and joy.

And if happiness seems like a distant dream in your life. Then switch to healthy habits. You will soon find enough reasons to keep smiling!

On this international happiness day, pledge to smile! Because it is not just good for your personality but also for your health.


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