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Cover Story Health and Wellness May 2018

Reading Book

May 2018 - Reading Book

Books and happiness: a no-brainer really; here’s our pick of books from children’s favourites that you would like to reread to life-changing stories

Year of Yes

May 2018 - Year of Yes

Shonda Rhimes, more famous for writing Grey’s Anatomy and Scandal, wrote this book from her experience of living a year, where she said yes to everything

The Giving Tree

May 2018 - The giving tree

A beautiful and powerful read, this is the story of true love, of a tree that it all in the name of love. Shel Silverstein’s other books are also a great read, and the illustrations add to the feeling.

The Book Thief

May 2018 - The Book Thief

This book by Markus Zuzak is an inspirational as it gets; it chronicles the life of a little girl who works hard to save books in Germany, during the Second World War

Harry Potter

May 2018 - Harry Potter

The series is not just about wizards and magic and Hogwarts, but about love, friendship, and everything that matters in life, from bravery to honesty and self-realization

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