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The robots take over

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The robots take over

robot assisted surgery


Czech playwright and novelist Karel Capek coins the term ‘robot’ in his play RUR (Rossum’s Universal Robots)


Issac Asimov talks about ‘three laws of robotics’ in his short story. Runaraound, popularising the term ‘robotics’.


NASA develops the concept of telepresence


World’s first industrial robot, Unimate, installed at General Motors plant in Trenton, New Jersey


World’s first computer-controlled robotic arm, Stanford Arm, is developed by Stanford Artificial Intelligence Lab researcher Victor Scheinman


Arthrobot, world’s first surgical robot developed for orthopaedic surgery, is used in Vancouver, Canada


PUMA 560, a robotic surgical arm, is used for needle brain biopsy in the first instance of documented robot-assisted surgery.


ROBODOC, a surgical robot, is used to perform full human hip replacement procedure
PROBOT used at Imperial College, London, in clinical trials to carry out transurethral surgery in urology


AESOP, Automated Endoscope System for Optimal Positioning, a robotic arm is released for use in holding and positioning camera in laparoscopic procedures


Cyberknife is used for stereotactic radiosurgery


Intuitive Surgical Inc founded. The company designs, constructs and markets robotic products for minimally invasive surgeries


ZEUS, robotic surgical system, is used for the first complete endoscopic robot-assisted surgery. It comprises three table-mounted robotic arms and a surgical control centre
A robot-assisted heart bypass is done in Leipzig, Germany using da Vinci from Intuitive Surgical Inc


First standard da Vinci robotic surgical system is launched in the market


da Vinci gets the Food and Drug Administration approval in USA for laparoscopic procedures
First RARP (Robot-Assisted Radical Prostatectomy) is performed in Paris, France

• 2001

ZEUS system helps perform transatlantic remote surgery with the patient with female patient in Strasbourg, France and the surgeon in New York, USA


da Vinci first upgrade; fourth robotic arm added


da Vinci S, with high-definition vision and multi-image display, launched


da Vinci Si, with dual console capability allowing for surgical collaborations, launched


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