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Weekend Getaway – Lucknow

May 2019 Lifestyle Travel Weekend Getaway

Weekend Getaway – Lucknow




Though the town is more notorious than famous now, there is still something to be said for the charming temples, ghats and mahals that line the splendid Sarayu. Essentially a pilgrim’s heaven, the place is a also a history buff’s delight, and is also great for those with an eye for architecture.

Distance from Lucknow: 136km
Best time to visit: October-mid March
Weather: Pleasant

National Chambal Gharial Wildlife Sanctuary

National Chambal Gharial Wildlife Sanctuary

A tri-state protected reserve for the gharial, the red-crowned roof turtle and the endangered river dolphin, the sanctuary is a must-visit for wildlife lovers. Plan this for an extended weekend away

Distance from Lucknow: 291km
Best time to visit: November-mid March
Weather: Tropical with pleasant winters



What’s not to love about this UNESCO World Heritage Site? The monuments here are famed world-wide for the nagara style of architecture, and of course, the erotic sculptures. What’s more marvellous is that the group of temples were built together, for two different religions: Hinduism and Jainism

Distance from Lucknow: 309km
Best time to visit: October-February
Weather: Pleasant



Another beautiful temple town, Chitrakoot also has a mythical significance. It is believed that lord Ram spent more than 11 years of his 14-year exile in the forests here. The place finds a mention in many a literary saga.

Distance from Lucknow: 233.9km
Best time to visit: July-February
Weather: Tropical with a pleasant monsoon and winter

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