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Hoot Hoot Reminder – Care Zone

Cover Story Gadgets Health and Wellness Innovation September 2018

Hoot Hoot Reminder – Care Zone

Sept 2018 - Hoot Hoot Reminder - Care Zone

With over 5 million app installs, the Care Zone app is certainly a popular one. And it’s hardly a wonder why, as one of the pet peeves of people who take many medications is keeping a track of them, having them on time and ensuring that they are always up to the stock. CareZone, keeping with its tagline of ‘manage your health, without the headache’, takes the stress away from managing your medications and prescriptions.

Hoot Hoot Reminder - Care Zone 1
Fact File – CareZone

Keep track of your medications or that of your loved ones with the app’s detailed medications list, which is backed up to the cloud. It can be accessed from any device at any time, which means that it is a veritable boon in case of emergencies. The app comes with reminders that ensure you stay on schedule with your medications.

What’s more, you can even set schedules to ensure that you remember to refill your prescriptions. The app also has other important features like Trackers, where you can record important health information like blood glucose levels, weight, sleep times, etc. Important contacts like your doctors, your insurance provider, pharmacy, family and close friends, can all be securely organized on the app.

The app also provides a journaling option, which means you can write out your thoughts, symptoms and other details on a day-to-day basis. The best part of the app is that you can rest assured that all your information is kept completely secure.

In the US, you can also use the CareZone app to order medications to wherever you would like them delivered. This is especially useful for the elderly or otherwise disadvantaged people, or for people who live in rural areas. All one needs is an access to a smartphone, and one does not have to worry about running out medication ever again.

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CareZone – App

You can also upload and store photos (of your prescription or your bottle of pills, for instance) and health documents on the app.
“There’s no reason pharmacy and healthcare should be left out of the eCommerce revolution,” says CareZone CEO and founder, Jonathan Schwartz. “Consumers have come to depend upon simplicity, automation and predictability from the leading eCommerce companies—by leveraging medication scanning and automated analytics, CareZone is able to bring that simplicity to choosing a pharmacy, an insurance policy, and care-related retail products.”

“Consumers Have Come To Depend Upon Simplicity, Automation And Predictability From The Leading Ecommerce Companies—By Leveraging Medication Scanning And Automated Analytics, Carezone Is Able To Bring That Simplicity To Choosing A Pharmacy, An Insurance Policy And Care Related Retail Products.”

Jonathan Schwartz, CEO and founder, CareZone

With more than 3 million registered users, the app, which has scanned over 15 million medications till now, is certainly at the forefront of this e-commerce revolution.

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