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The App Way To Better Health

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The App Way To Better Health

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In today’s technology-driven world, mobile apps are our everyday companions. We rely on them, for everything from entertainment to managing our schedules, communicating with loved ones, getting news, sharing our opinions, and more. They are commonplace enough, so to speak. Yet, even in this crowded marketplace, a few health-related apps stand out for their sheer insight, the manner in which they have been able to take a niggling worry and turn it around, and the ease with which anyone can master their use. The apps we have selected to focus on in our cover story are apps that are especially useful to oncologists, cancer patients, and survivors. They make the journey a tad bit less painful.

There are apps that help remind you to take your medicines on time, which is especially useful for those who need to take a lot of medications and for those who tend to be weak and forgetful after chemotherapy. We have also featured an app that helps improve the cognitive abilities of those with ‘chemobrain’. Patients often struggle with keeping loved ones updated about their cancer journey, what stage their treatment is at and how they are feeling. Friends and family might find it difficult to get in touch with patients during the treatment process. There is an app that intuitively sorts this problem, by building sites that mimic a journal where patients can update their stories. All these apps and more have been lined up for you in this comprehensive cover story.

Text Your Doctor – OhMD
Hoot Hoot Reminder – Care Zone
Easy Access to Your Doc – LogonDr
Making the Right Connections – Stupid Cancer
Draw Your Way to A Better Patient Experience – DrawMD
Digital Support Line- CancerAid
Easy Access to Your Doc – CaringBridge
Easy Access to Your Doc – BrainHQ


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