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Making the Right Connections – Stupid Cancer

Cover Story Health and Wellness September 2018

Making the Right Connections – Stupid Cancer

Sept 2018 - Making the Right Connections - Stupid Cancer

“I’ve swept a lot of things about cancer under the rug, and I’ve only lately begun to let myself peek under and see what’s there. I’ve struggled with expressing myself to people who don’t seem to “get it” and so I’ve been searching for others who are going through the same thing, to know I’m not alone,” says Leslie, a Stupid Cancer app user. The winner of the prestigious 2018 Appy Awards for the best non-profit app, Stupid Cancer is a mobile app that provides immediate peer support anonymously to cancer patients/survivors, friends, family, medical care providers, and researchers. It also offers targeted cancer information to its users.

Making the Right Connections - Stupid Cancer 1
Fact File – Stupid Cancer

The users first need to create a profile through a few simple steps. Then they are matched with peers according to their selections for moderated group or private chats. App users in all 50 US states and in around 100 countries have been able to connect with people with similar experiences and access information that helps them deal with cancer. It is the most used cancer app with more than 700,000 user interactions and an average of 10 minute-sessions for each user.

The app has been developed by GRYT Health and Fuzz, a New York-based mobile app development company. GRYT Health is a social community based on a mobile app. “GRYT recognizes the value of building authentic human connections. Connecting to others who ‘get it’ and building a strong, reliable network where patients, caregivers, and all stakeholders can contribute and be heard is critical to improving health outcomes and experiences,” says Dave Fuehrer, CEO, and co-founder of GRYT Health.

Making the Right Connections - Stupid Cancer 2
The Stupid Cancer App

It was established by cancer survivors and caregivers aspiring to build a space to connect and improve the experience of people affected by cancer. They work with organizations in the oncology field and strive to provide support and information to cancer patients/survivors and caregivers to help them make better choices for managing the illness and treatment outcome.

“Traditionally, Healthcare Organisations And Providers Have Assumed The Decision-Making Authority In Cancer Care. Gryt Has Begun To Reverse That Paradigm, Putting The Power Back Into The Hands Of People Affected By Disease So They Can Make Healthcare Choices That Reflect Their Personal Values And Lifestyle”

Dave Fuehrer, CEO and co-founder, GRYT Health

“Traditionally, healthcare organizations and providers have assumed the decision-making authority in cancer care. GRYT has begun to reverse that paradigm, putting the power back into the hands of people affected by the disease so they can make healthcare choices that reflect their personal values and lifestyle,” adds Fuehrer. “Through our app, we’ve created a way for people to connect to each other, share information, and collaborate with industry.”

“What does it mean to me? It means I have a community in the palm of my hand that can understand me in a way few can, it means to support and friendship and an instantaneous, intimate connection, it means having conversations that I can’t have with anyone else, it means opening up and being honest about the impact of cancer on me and my life in a way I never have before. It means healing,” says Leslie.

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